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You've heard the buzz. "Responsive Design" is all the rage in the Web Design and Development world, and for good reason too. With a myriad of devices out there, and many more in the making, it's crucial that your website be optimized to appear on any screen size, regardless of the device people are using.

Mobile Browsing has long since surpassed desktop browsing! To stay relevant, it's crucial that you follow suit and build your site for all users, mobile or otherwise!

What makes a great website?

  1. The website is fluid between ALL screen sizes.

  2. The website is fast! (Hint: Don't send the same images to phones as you do HD TV's!)

  3. Takes advantage of mobile-based features, like click to call or click to email!

  4. Makes ALL content available. Nobody likes mobile sites ( where 90% of the content is withheld. People like browsing on their mobile as long as the experience is seamless.

A responsively designed website from Bonsai achieves all this and more. If you're interested in Responsive Web Design, or any of the other ways Bonsai can help grow your business online, don't hesitate to contact us

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