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Blogging Platforms With Bonsai


Blogging, at a glance:

  • Don't just join the conversation, lead it

  • Share your expertise

  • Share photos, videos and product links

  • Connect with your target audience

Blogging gives everyone the ability to share thoughts and ideas with everyone else on the planet. Businesses can take advantage of the phenomenon to share expertise, promote capabilities, attract employees and win customers. Bonsai has many options to help make blogging effortless:

  • Multiple editor log-ins

    • Why write each blog yourself?

  • Easy archive options

    • Readers can search entries by topic and date

  • Multi-Media uploading

    • Photos, videos, audio files, and links are all easily included

  • Social Media linking

    • "Likes" can post to the reader's Facebook and twitter accounts

    • An RSS feed sends new blogs directly to your followers

  • Comment Sections

    • With Optional Moderator Control

There many different platforms to choose from. Your blog can have its own URL (website address) or fit seamlessly into your company website. Each of the major platforms has their own pros and cons, but Bonsai can help you determine which one will best meet all of your objectives:


  • Umbraco Plug-in

  • Supports all the features you could want in a blogging platform

  • Customizable


  • Simple and easy to use

  • One of the most popular blogging platforms available

  • PHP based

Tumblr Integration

  • For the blogger who has a lot to share a little bit at a time

  • Popular microblogging platform

  • We can easily integrate Tumblr into your site
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