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Seattle Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Increase your Conversion Rate! 

Remember, your site is your top sales person, with the ability to reach the most leads. So, is it closing sales? 

Conversion Rate Optimization ensures that your site closes as many sales as possible. 

With the help of web-based tools and analytics, Bonsai will help you optimize your online sales and marketing processes to increase your conversion rate. Whether that means guiding leads through a seamlessly integrated E-commerce platform or providing them just enough info to drive them to call you, the foremost goal of CRO is to effect the bottom-line without drastically affecting your budget.  With CRO strategies in place, you will learn what visitors are doing when they come to your website, and more importantly, where they go. Do they buy your product or service, or do they take their business elsewhere?  

CRO, at a glance:

• Increase sales without increasing advertising spending!

• Know what marketing copy, images, videos, and graphics invoke the most action, and then play to those strengths.

• Make your website easy to use and navigate - from initial contact, all the way through sale

• Engage and satisfy your site's visitors. Happy Visitors = Happy Customers!

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