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  • Jason Labaw


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    Jason Labaw


    What I love about my work: Bonsai is creating an environment where designers, developers and marketers collaborate and thrive. A place where learning is a core value, creative expression is championed and the best ideas win. The Ford Model A came out 20 years after the first commercial automobile; Facebook appeared 20 years after AOL. What’s next? What’s the next great Ferrari of the online space? Who’s the first Shakespeare of e-books? I want to be a part of that discovery. read more »

    About Jason Labaw: I love challenges, figuring things out and pushing boundaries. I’ve always had an intense desire to know how things work, so I’m very empathetic in developing web strategies and designing user experiences. Like many, I've had lots of jobs: DJ, janitor, waiter, barista, developer, and Internet Marketing Director... and they're all relevant to my current position in some way. What I love about my job? I get to help people grow and further their careers.read more »

    Favorite Quote: "The hardest metals are forged in the hottest flames." - Chinese wisdom

  • Elliott Omlin

    Design Ninja/Founder

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    Elliott Omlin

    Design Ninja/Founder

    What I love about my work: The word 'design' means many different things to people. Traditionally, design is associated with art and graphic design. To me the fascinating thing about the design field is the depth of the word design and what it really means to design. To design a user experience, to design a user interface, design a brochure, a website. There are so many things in life that can be designed, I love showing clients that they can design much more than their website and have that impact their company in a positive way. read more »

    About Elliott Omlin: Pacific Northwest Born & Bred, AIS educated, Seattle sports fanatic.

    Favorite Quote: "Good artist copy, great artists steal." - Elliott Omlin

  • Phil Ng

    Lead Developer

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    Phil Ng

    Lead Developer

    What I love about my work: Web development combines continual learning with the spirit of being a pioneer. It changes that fast. Today the trend is toward Responsive Design, easy-to-update content, more robust analytics and overall simplicity in design and development. It makes sense, given the rise of tablets and mobile devices. What will it be next? We’re here to help our clients figure it out, make it happen and pioneer new ways of making the online space improve their business performance.read more »

    About Phil Ng: Likes: Sports, food, comic books, skiing in fresh powder, memes, video games ("Spawn more Overlords"), suspense/thriller movies, semantic markup, HTML5/CSS3. Dislikes: Hangovers, large crowds, traffic, GMOs, the Bonsai Swear Jar, extraneous markup, table layouts, slow downloads. read more »

    Favorite Quote: "All will be well" - Saint Walker

  • Jesse Andrews

    Web Developer

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    Jesse Andrews

    Web Developer

    What I do: I dabble in a bit of everything, though I'm usually called on to develop the back ends of websites.

    What I love about my work: The feeling of accomplishment when a website I've been working on for months goes live.

    About Jesse Andrews: I walk to work every day.

    Favorite Quote: "People want to know why I do this, why I write such gross stuff. I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy... and I keep it in a jar on my desk." - Stephan King

  • Von Villafuerte


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    Von Villafuerte


    What I do: Develop large-scale web applications.

    What I love about my work: The challenge that each project brings and that Bonsai keeps up with the technology, that's really fantastic. In the world (or field) we live in, today's technology is already obsolete tomorrow and I love that Bonsai doesn't want to be part of yesterday.read more »

    About Von Villafuerte: I always consider myself as a hardcore programmer, with roots from the DOS era of programming. I love to cook and I love to eat what I cook (hehe). I love pasta dishes and anything that is noodle-based. I collect toys.read more »

    Favorite Quote: "A person who lacks wisdom will base his or her actions on what feels good right now instead of looking at the long-term picture. " - Anonymous

  • Finn

    Chief Executive Moral Support Officer.

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    Chief Executive Moral Support Officer.

    What I love about my work: They give me minimal paperwork. ....Mmmmm paperwork.

    About Finn: I specialize in eating frisbees, sitting, rolling over, and making the office a much cooler place.

    Favorite Quote: "I believe in integrity. Dogs have it. Humans are sometimes lacking it." - Cesar Millan


About Bonsai

Bonsai Media Group is a group of designers, developers and marketing ninjas. We stealthily navigate complex codes, Photoshop, and search engine algorithms to provide clients with a website that kicks ass, gets noticed, and drives business.

Bonsai Media will always speak your language. If you're new to the online world, we'll clearly explain your options without using buzz words and tech talk. If you prefer to speak geek, we can nerd out over Jquery user enhancements and obsess over miles of plug-ins and code.

Bottom line, Bonsai will custom-build a website that:

  • Speaks to your target market
  • Is easy for you to maintain and your customers to use
  • Drives business and gets top rankings on Search Engines
  • Integrates cutting edge and wise Social Media strategies to turn curious visitors into happy and loyal customers

Bonsai Media does all of this and more by building websites that will grow with you. One provider, an integrated solution, built right, built to last. Imagine the possibilities when your website is built and marketed by Bonsai.

 Our Clients